The POLARIS Series

Book One: The Polaris Uprising Book Two: Retrograde Book Three: True North

Imagine a country where every need is provided for: food, shelter, education, work. Every disease is treated, every crime is punished. Violence and war are ancient history.

For the citizens of Neress, this is their reality. But it comes with a high price.

Their freedom.

Benedict Jensen has ruled this country with an iron fist for nearly forty years, bringing his nation back from the brink after the brutal war that tore it apart for decades. And he has handpicked his successor: his daughter, Ryla, who will take over for him once she comes of age.

Ryla and her sister, Alanna, have been sheltered their entire lives, kept in the dark about their father’s rule. But the sisters’ impossibly close bond becomes threatened when Ryla’s eyes are opened to the realities of their oppressive society.

How far with Ryla go in the fight for freedom? How far will Alanna go to protect their father’s legacy? Would they be willing to sacrifice the other to win victory for their side?

What price is too high to pay in exchange for a life free from poverty, crime, disease?

As Neress’s underground rebellion gains strength and the country moves closer to another civil war, loyalties will be tested, difficult questions will be asked, and choices must be made.

Only one side can prevail, but at what cost?



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